Delight And Engage Your Visitors

Event Marketers use EventIgnite to improve visitor experience and increase visitor satisfaction.

Event Directors use it to sell digital adverts and generate revenue.

Join world's leading Event Organisers who share our passion for visitor experience

Join world's leading Event Organisers who share our passion for visitor experience

We believe that visitor experience and satisfaction is key to a longterm success of every event.

EventIgnite Digital Signage helps all visitors get the most out of their day and make it a memorable experience.

Improve visitor satisfaction by communicating more effectively

Digital Signage network gives you a perfect, direct communication tool that reaches all visitors.

Keep all visitors up-to-date on what's going on, help them find their way and make last-minute announcements

Help visitors make more informed decisions on the spot

Events are busy and can be confusing.

What's on right now?

What's coming up soon and where?

Digital Signage makes it very easy for all visitors decide what to do and where to go next based on their interests.

Keep all visitors engaged, at all times

Distracted visitors can miss out on some of the best content you have worked so hard on

Thanks to EventIgnite, all visitors can take full advantage of your event and never miss out on what interests them the most.

EventIgnite digital signs show dynamic information and updates depending on the time of day.

Real-time changes to event programme? Instantly update all digital signs

Last-minute speaker change?

Session cancelled?

Need to make an emergency announcement?

All EventIgnite signs can be updated instantly to reflect the latest changes!

Save time and reduce workload of your team on-site.

Help visitors discover relevant exhibitors and start productive conversations

Short, animated digital adverts are a fantastic way for exhibitors to showcase their products and services

Generate additional sponsorship revenue by selling digital adverts to exhibitors. We will help you do that.

Complete, turn-key solution for event organisers. 1-Email set-up

We know how busy things get in the last few days before the event.

That's why we have made it extremely easy to set up EventIgnite digital signage - simply forward to us your artwork, conference programme and visitor announcements, we will send you proofs of how the signs will look within a couple of days.

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